Feb 16th Community Update

We’ve been busy over at the NFTsDAO churning out some high-level use case build-outs and internal progress.



Launched the NFTsDAO Discourse Forum

Twitter Followership to 396


Signed EDM artist to do a 100% NFTsDAO-facing Royalty Structure

Signed top tech writer to write an article and mint an NFT of that article as a means of crowdsourcing important long-form, investigative journalism

Signed influential artist to start minting NFTs with our DAO as PR lead & single studio partner

Entered into a partnership with DebtDAO to help them with their collateralized positions with NFTs instead of the traditional Uniswap-based LP tokens for liquidity positions

Partnered with DeSocial to introduce new creators to the NFTsDAO and work with them to build up their Web2 visibility and Web3 profitability

Goals for 2022:

25 artists, writers, musicians, and creators using the NFTsDAO-facing Royalty Structure

50 NFTsDAO Governance NFT Holders

100 ETH in DAO Earnings, distributed to DAO Governance Token Holders as USDC

DAO Lead’s Letter:

From a developers perspective, the noise in the NFT space over airdrops takes away much of the focus where it should be: on individual creators.

It only takes a few dozen hours to fork a LooksRare or X2Y2 and then cull in millions as crypto twitter attempts to claim their airdrops and stake it to ETH. Developers, like clockwork, dump and move on to the next grift. This hurts our ecosystem and these types of cash grab rug pulls have become de rigueur, souring many to NFTs, NFT platforms, and the entirety of the movement.

This DAO seeks to stamp out the noise by featuring hard-working artists and content creators to achieve their end goal: being able to monetarily focus full-time on their life’s work.

As humans, if we have to be pulled in a million different directions we give a lesser slice of ourselves due to a lack of focus, elevated stress, and internal strife. It’s in the best interest of the artist and the quality of their work that they meaningfully focus on their true passion first and, to the extent that they can, eliminate the side gig hustle grind. This is a dream that seems out of reach, but, from my experience, armed with a toolkit of growth hacking techniques, the seemingly impossible becomes much more concretely attainable.

With this DAO, we seek to bring together hundreds of content creators to introduce themselves to the group and have collaboratively engaging discussions that are necessary to elevate one’s self or brand to the next level, built on strong 1-on-1 connections. People like to be talked with rather than talked to so ironing out the disconnect so many artists and content creators have can go a long way to helping their growth and development, no matter the size of their present audience. If you share a similar focus in terms of supporting individual content creators, photographers, writers, and want to meaningfully support a community in its infancy, while also getting being a stakeholder on an ambitious NFT-specific DAO, then I would encourage you to reach out to advisor at NFTsDAO.com

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